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Welcome to the friendly and affordable dentist choice in Brisbane’s Southside. At Annerley Dental we understand that a visit to your local Brisbane dentist isn’t high on many people lists of things to do, so we are here to make the process as seamless as possible for you. Although we offer similar services to other Brisbane dentists, we do things a bit differently here at Annerley Dental.    

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As your local and affordable Annerley dentist, our aim is to form long-term partnerships with our patients and their families, rather than the “drill and fill’ approach that is seen in many dental practices these days.

We take a preventative approach to dental care which ultimately means you need less dentistry care over your lifetime.

Preferred Providers


Cosmetic and clinical approach to Dentistry in Annerley

If you are looking for a dentist that you can rely on long-term to take care of you and your families oral health, then Dr Basil your local Annerley dentist is the one for you.

Dr Basil takes a cosmetic and clinical approach to his work. Other dentists only work with a cosmetic approach, but Dr Basil is different. His significant clinical knowledge and experience assure that the procedure won’t just give you a great looking smile but be clinically sound.

We know that many people can dread a trip to the dentist and may have had a negative experience in the past. Dr Basil takes great pride in ensuring a personable, friendly and helpful approach that makes you feel at ease.

Using modern and technologically advanced techniques, partnered with the best products, he takes the time with each appointment to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout the process. 

Whether it’s an emergency appointment, your child’s first visit, orthodontics for your teenagers or cosmetic changes here at Annerley Dental we treat you just like you are a family or friend. Our focus is in providing excellent service and communication with our patients, so you always feel comfortable with the dental treatment we recommend.

With many dedicated long-term patients who travel from all over Brisbane and beyond to visit Dr Basil, we are your trusted local 5 star reviewed dentist in Annerley.


Quality Dental Care Brisbane Southside

Dr Basil provides the Brisbane southside community with the best quality dental care that not only benefits your smile but your overall wellbeing. Being a dentist in Brisbane means that we not only strive to improve the aesthetics of your smile but also improve your teeth’s function and mobility.

It can often be the case that people who experience oral health problems, including tooth decay and gum disease, also experience other health problems at the same time. This can include indigestion, tension and sleep disorders.  By addressing the oral health problems many patients see improvements in their overall health and wellbeing.

With our dentistry approach from an oral physician, you are always well informed and aware of your level of oral health and we develop a unique treatment plan just for you.

Meet Dr Basil

Dr Basil has been looking after Brisbane’s smiles for over 30 years. Celebrating 24 years running his own practice and treated over 10,000 patients. Not only is Dr Basil a dentist he is also an oral physician so can assess not just your teeth and gums, but other areas of health associated with the head and neck area. 

With a strong commitment to professional development Dr Basil remains informed about new technology in the industry and as a result, he combines state-of-the-art technology with cutting-edge equipment to offer you a blue-ribbon modern treatment every time.

His enthusiasm and dedication ensure patients are left feeling more than satisfied with the service they receive. Meaning he has patients come from as far as the Sunshine Coast just to see him.

He is an active member of the Australian Dental Association and holds professional registration with the Dental Board of Australia. As well as membership to the Australian Society of Endodontology.

What sets Dr Basil apart

Yes, Dr Basil does general dentistry but what sets him apart is that he specialises in a few key areas that most others don’t. Including:

Orthodontics for children and adults

With over 10 years’ experience, Dr Basil has an emphasis on orthotropics. Orthotropics is a face centred not tooth centred treatment focused on proper and harmonious facial development. Its main objective is a correction of any unfavourable growth pattern of both jaws, to avoid any compromise in the patient’s airways in the future.

Traditional orthodontics focuses primarily on straightening misaligned teeth. But this approach can result in needing jaw surgery in adulthood. 

Sleep apnea and Bruxism

As someone who has sleep apnea, Dr Basil is passionate about working with patients to cure many sleeping disorders. Dentists are the first to look in the mouth so play an important role in assessing patients.  Dr Basil will assess your nasal breathing and recommend if an X-ray is required and refer you on to trusted ENT specialists. He will then create a customised snoring device based on a thorough assessment. 

Facial Aesthetics

Facial aesthetics are non-surgical treatments which rejuvenate the face and smooth out expression lines or add facial contours. Cosmetic dental fillers are a great way to fill those areas on your face that lack volume. Resulting in a youthful looking appearance. 

Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

This is a condition where your teeth are put under a lot of pressure through aggressive grinding, clenching and clamping down of the mouth. Most people do this subconsciously or while sleeping. Dr Basil treats the condition with grinding splints and muscle relaxant injections.

Learn more about Dr Basil. 

Affordable Dentist Brisbane Southside – your finance options

For most people, the only thing scarier than the drill is the bill. Here at Annerley Dental, we offer affordable yet high-quality dental care. A trip to the dentist doesn’t need to break the bank. We accept all major private health funds, including providers such as Bupa, HCF, nib, and St Luke’s Health. Plus, we offer payment plans to ensure your dental needs are met at a price that can fit in with your financial situation.

Dental Services

If you are looking for an experienced and friendly dentist you’ve come to the right place. We take pride in offering a wide range of services to keep your dental health in check.

General Dentistry

Sleep Disordered Breathing

Dental Implants

Cosmetic Dentistry


Teeth Whitening


Endodontic Therapy

If it’s been awhile since you have had your teeth checked or you are simply looking for a great dentist in Brisbane, you can make a booking online or give our friendly team a call.

Skin Care Services Annerley

Annerley Dental also offers a range of Skin Care Services here in Annerley. If you are looking for skin rejuvenation treatments in Annerley come and see Tracey so you can enjoy fresher and more youthful looking skin.

Skin Health

Skin Rejuvenation

Anti Wrinkle and Dermal Filler Injections

Skin Needling

Dermaquest Skin Care

Facial Thread Lift

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