Experts believe that Vitamin A is the holy grail for anti-ageing.However, this may not be the case when you like to wax prior to treatment. Vitamin A or retinol exfoliates the skin which means the upper dead skin cells are removed and replaced by underlying fresh skin.

The repetitive shredding can therefore contribute to a thinning of the upper layers skin.

Vitamin A makes the skin more susceptible to damage from the sun. When you remove the outer layer, the skin cell layers underneath are exposed to elements such as the sun, environment and even wax.

When you wax your skin, you aren’t just eliminating hair follicles — you’re eliminating skin cells as well.
But if the dead skin cell layer is absent or reduced because of Vitamin A products, then some of the living cell layer below may additionally be removed by wax.

It is therefore recommended to ease off the Vitamin A for 2-3 weeks before waxing. Also informing the therapist to make sure your hair is suitable for removal.

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