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Cosmetic Dentistry refers to any dental work that improves the appearance of your teeth. To do Cosmetic Dentistry takes a special combination of talent, art, dental science and modern technologies. While it is mostly to do with the aesthetic appearance of the teeth and smile, it can also correct common functioning problems. Dr Basil is one of the more experienced Cosmetic Dentists Brisbane Wide and will put you at ease when in his chair.

Dr Basil is experienced in providing quality Cosmetic Dentistry and offers his patients’ teeth whitening, veneers, crowns and bridges. 

Your smile is not only a reflection of your personality but a reflection of our skills and expertise. It is important to Dr Basil that you smile with confidence! From simple teeth repairs to a whole-of-mouth renovation, Dr Basil has provided Cosmetic Dentistry from his Dental practice in Annerley since 1994. He will complete an overall assessment of your teeth and mouth to tailor a procedure that’s specific to your mouth that will aesthetically improve the appearance of your teeth aiming to create a beautiful, natural smile.


Is Cosmetic Dentistry for you?

Dr Basil's Clinic - Veneers before & after

Do you have:

    • Crooked, cracked, worn, crowded overlapping teeth


    • Discolored, yellowish or stained teeth


    • Missing teeth


    • Gaps in your teeth


  • Gummy smile

If you have any of these issues – then Cosmetic Dentistry is for you.

Make an appointment with Annerley Dental today 07 3391 4366 for Cosmetic Dentistry, so that you can smile with confidence.


Crowns and Bridges at Annerley Dental


If a tooth is badly broken down it may need to be restored with a crown, sometimes referred to as a cap to protect the underlying tooth structure. The restoration requires a high level of attention to detail using extremely precise clinical and technical skills.

Dr Basil works with local specialists and supports Australian Dental Laboratories by sending crowns to laboratories in Melbourne and Brisbane. They are not made overseas.

The tooth is examined to make sure the tooth is sound to place a crown on top. This involves an X-ray, testing to see the nerve is alive and that the gum condition is healthy around the tooth. The procedure normally involves two separate appointments. During your first appointment at the practice, Dr Basil will prepare the tooth by cutting some of the tooth to make room for the crown material to be placed on top. A temporary crown, which is made of acrylic, plastic or hybrid material will help protect the natural tooth while the permanent crown is being made. At the second visit, Dr Basil will remove the temporary crown and cement the permanent crown.
A crown aims to:
• Restore a broken, worn or damaged tooth or protect a weak tooth from breaking or cracking further.
• Connect to a dental bridge, cover a dental implant or strengthen a tooth with a large filling.
• Regain aesthetic appeal if teeth are misshaped or discoloured.



Used to replace a missing tooth or teeth, a dental bridge attaches to a crown on the natural teeth on either side of the gap, spanning the space where the teeth are missing.

Dr Basil can advise if this treatment is suitable for you, if missing teeth are causing problems. If you decide this is the right option, the result is strong, secure, llong-lastingand can only be removed by a Dentist.

Dental crowns and bridges can help restore self-confidence by changing your smile, but it is important to ask any questions you may have in regards to the procedures in your initial consultation with Dr Basil.

Make an appointment with Annerley Dental today 07 3391 4366 for Cosmetic Dentistry.


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