Orthodontist Treatment by Dr. Basil

An orthodonist Brisbane model showing braces on teeth in Annerly

Your smile is often the very first impression you make and are a large part of our identity. Crooked or crowded teeth can hinder your appearance, how you are perceived by others and your confidence. Crowded teeth can also cause dental problems that may lead to gum disease, tooth decay or even tooth loss.

These are the reasons why Dr Basil Athanassiadis believes improving your teeth with orthodontic treatment is one of the most valuable investments you can make.

Orthodontics, is the area of dentistry that focuses on the alignment of the teeth and jaws. Dr Basil has completed additional training in this area, over the last 12 years he has completed courses with Progressive Orthodontics, Dr Derek Mahoney (specialist Orthodontist in Sydney) mini-residency, Dr Steve Galella (USA) and courses at the University of Queensland.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment is a healthy mouth for life, as well as:

    • Teeth are less prone to chip, crack or sustain excessive wear
    • Can help with overbite and crowded or misaligned teeth
    • Teeth are easier to clean and less likely to decay
    • There is a lesser chance of gum disease
    • Stress to supporting tissues will reduce and chewing and mouth functions will be efficient
    • Capacity to close gaps between the teeth without using other dental devices such as bridges or implants
    • Achieve better overall health and wellbeing
  • Improve your smile

Dr Basil sees children, teenagers and adults for orthodontic treatment and Dr Basil will assess your teeth and jaw for orthodontics and provide a comprehensive treatment plan to correct developing or existing dental problems and improve your smile.

Make an appointment with Annerley Dental today Call 07 3391 4366 , he will offer you and your family a comprehensive approach to orthodontic treatment at an affordable price.

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